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Kenny's Epic Journal

life of an arctic polar bear in hot ass florida

Heartbreaker's Ball Feb. 13th (my band INASMUCH is playing!)

Writer's Block: Doh!
It's the twentieth anniversary of the first Simpsons episode today. Who is your favorite Simpsons character—Ralph? Sideshow Bob? Ned Flanders? An actual Simpson?

Since I love almost all of the simpsons characters, My favorite would be the closest one to me....Homer Jay Simpson

Well let's see....
*My roommate decided to leave the apartment, but not telling me til the night before

*Can't pay his part of the rent, so I'm in the hole with my landlord

*I will not be able to stay there paying the rent on my own

*I've temporarily moved into a spontaneous, dysfunctional location known quaintly as my parent's house

...and all in a span of three days.

the only plus side of this, I have an empty apartment for the next couple of weeks in which I plan to use to have a bash. Don't know what to do though

...any suggestions?

(no subject)
I have recently been told and realized that my birthday is this month. July 24th to be exact. And my friends and family say the same thing, it's difficult to get me something because I never ask for anything. Well, if you are at all intertested, I'll give you some insight...
I would be perfectly fine with anything you get me, it's the thought you actually care to buy or make gift that I like. But, getting me something I like is just a plus.
*MOVIES(anything but musicals)
*drumsticks(can't have too many of those)
*drumkey(lost mines)
*gift cards

Some people know that I want a laptop, but I will never expect or demand it from anyone. I will buy one eventually
Recently I've wanted a electric drumset for the new apt to practice, BUT again that's something I'd rather buy myself than have someone give me, that's too much and I don't really deserve someone spending so much just for me.

hopefully my EXTREMELY LONG LIST helps :)

Long time, long time...

anyways, Lizzy & I have just moved from the ghetto of Miami Springs into west Hialeah also known as "Mango Hill". oh yeah! I could never leave the HIA!
it's a two story 2/2 townhouse. We're still unpacking but soon will have a house warming party.
Zack Attacks The World is officially on Hiatus til...we are not on hiatus.
Been playing with Alex, Topper, Diego for a bit. Post rock stuff mostly.
I will be going back to school for film...finally!
I'm just happy at this point

Writer's Block: Meaningful Words
What is your favorite quote? And why?

"...I saw that."

A little setback...
I have come to find out that the PA system I bought is taking longer to get to me than I originally anticipated. It might not get here in time for the show.
If anyone has a PA we can use for the show that would be much appreciated. This won't stop the show because we'll be able to find something to use. if anyone is able to help though, just give a reply

(no subject)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It has been corfirmed to have a house show on Sept. 15 in thw HIA

We currently have three bands playing:
*Zack Attacks The World - Punk
*Emergency Numbers - Screamo
*Call It Radar - Indie

if any other band is interested in playing, give me a reply
it's a free show, but we are selling food (the bands eat for free!)

thank you for your time

I'm letting you all know now...
I'm gonna be planning other houseshow on the second week of september 15th.
I'm gonna make sure everything is confirmed but I would like to know anyone interested in playing that day to reply. I already have a couple of bands on the line-up but I would like to have at least 5 or 6 more. just let me know guys.

Also I just wanted to say that I LOVE LIZZY ....